Hernán Braberman

Partner and Executive Design Director



Design Without a Surname
Brands that need to express their stories can harness the power of 3D Branding. 3D Branding merges the three-dimensional and graphic attributes of the package to the point of making them inseparable, which allows for an immediate emotional response from consumers. Seizing 2D and 3D design resources enhances the storytelling capacity of the packaging and creates lasting ties with consumers.
This speech includes a tour of design projects for global food, beverage, personal care and household brands. Stories, anecdotes, methodology and design process where the identity of the brand is communicated through 3D Branding, fruit of the synergy of structural and graphic design.


Hernán Braberman is Partner and Executive Design Director of Tridimage, the leading 3d branding, graphic and structural packaging design agency in Latin America. Its creative headquarters are in Buenos Aires and it has account directors in Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala.
In 1995 Hernán´s passion led him to found Tridimage. Since then, he has not stopped creating and renewing brands throughout Latin America and Europe, achieving a positive impact on consumers, the market and society.
Tridimage's reputation attracts the attention of both established and emerging companies operating in Latin America, USA and Europe. Tridimage has worked for more than 30 countries in the world.
His projects have been awarded six Pentawards, Vertex Awards, A' Design Awards, Ameristar, Good Design Seal, POPAI, Estrella del Sur and Pack Andina awards.
His work as a designer continues to take him around the world, sharing his experience and knowledge with all those who recognize the unlimited power of design.