Tim Xi

Chairman, New Hope Dairy; President, Grass Green Group

New Hope Dairy


【Panel Discussion】 In the Era of Enabling Investment, Create a Phenomenal Brands with Investors Who Have "Capital" and "Wisdom"

Under the wave of consumption upgrading, the F&B industry, as a major component of essential consumer goods, attract attention from many investment institutions. However, the F&B industry also requires experience and accumulation, which involves multiple links and a relatively long investment cycle. As a result, investors need to study the industry thoroughly and make judgments with professional knowledge for the future. They also need to bring strategies and management to start-ups after the investment is completed. Only in this way can they grow together with start-ups.
1. In addition to providing funds, what resources do the investment institutions need to share with startups?
2. What are the key issues in the development process of startups? What are the classic problems? How can investors help?
3. How can investors improve their "capital" and "wisdom?"


Sichuan University MBA, National University of Singapore EMBA, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance & Arizona State University DBA.

Currently Mr. Xi is the President of Grass Green Group and the Director of many subsidiary companies. Also, Mr. Xi is the chairman of New Hope Diary, a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (002946.SZ). 

Mr. Xi has been deeply involved in the investment and post-investment operation of the consumer industry, and is good at consumer behavior analysis, product innovation, integrated marketing and mergers and acquisitions development.

In 2004, Mr. Xi joined New Hope Diary. He initiated “Fresh Strategy” and developed the blueprint “ The choice for the new generation” , making fresh and high quality a necessity for the Chinese dairy industry.

In July 2015, Mr. Xi together with Mr. Liu Yonghao and Mr. Wang Hang, founded Grass Green Group. So far Grass Green Group has developed into a food industry investment platform focusing on dairy, cold chain, condiments, nutritional products, pet and snack industry etc. Now it has over 100 subsidiary and partnership companies.