Cuie Yan

Global Director, Applications

EverGrain LLC


Brewery Barley-derived Ingredients & Their Applications in Food & Beverage

This speech is about how to extract proteins and fibers from brewery spent grains (BSG), their characteristics and functions, as well as their applications in foods and beverages, such as bakery, snacks, alternative dairy and ready to drink beverages.


Dr. Cuie Yan joined AB-InBev in September 2019. She has been responsible for building up facilities and capabilities of developing foods and beverage based on protein and fiber ingredients from brewery spent grain. Prior to AB-InBev, Dr. Yan worked with PepsiCo (New York), Herbalife Nutrition, and DSM Nutritional Lipids, on protecting and fortifying functional ingredients/nutrients into a variety of food and beverage products. Dr. Yan was one of the youngest full professors in Hubei University before she moved out of China in 2000. Dr. Yan holds four degrees including a Ph. D. in Polymer Chemistry & Physics, and a recently completed B.S. in Nutrition. She is passionate about nutrition and equipped with 20+ years of R&D working experience in both food industry & academia. She has authored 30+ articles in scientific journals and 3 book chapters; filed 6 patents and commercialized 2 of them that have been generating $20+ million annual revenue. Meanwhile, Dr. Yan has delivered 10+ presentations in international conferences and forums; and chaired 8 sessions.