Xuewei Lin

Content Marketing Director



Freestyle Discussion: The Rise of Chinese Fashion in the F&B Industry

The rise of the national tide has spread from the fashion and culture industries to the food industry. "Rediscover Chinese Music" limited edition of Mengniu Milk Deluxe, Beijing embroidery version of Mengniu Hi Milk, "Gold New Year gift box" from Laiyifen, "Taste of Royal Palace" gift box from Be&Cherry, "Palace Reserved Pure Milk" from Sanyuan, etc., all these cases use packaging to win popularity by leveraging the rise of Chinese fashion and the trend of Chinese style. However, how long can this trend last in the F&B industry? Food with Chinese fashion, how much does it appeal to the youth? And what kind of design is the proper way for the F&B industry? Let's brainstorm and share our thoughts!


Xuewei Lin, Director of Content Marketing Department at Brand Center of Baicaowei. He has 10 years experience in FMCG marketing and has a deep understanding of Internet and e-commerce marketing. He joined Baicaowei in 2014 and has been responsible for all entertainment marketing, artists management and media distribution of the brand. He has been in charge of the brand spokesmen cooperation with Yangyang and Yiyang Qianxi, film and TV series implantation like Eternal Love and The First Half of My Life, and creating three brand own IP contents including the Foodie Festival, the Food-Eating Performance and The Snacks Show.